Do i know you! The rankings were flipped in an unexpected way. Florin and Ilona won the gala

The third gala of the show “I know you from somewhere!” of season 20 which took place on March 2, 2024 brought an unexpected surprise to both contestants and viewers of this exciting show.

Photo: Antenna 1

Florin and Ilona won the March 2, 2024 edition of I know you from somewhere! season 20, according to Antena 1.

Ilona Brezoianu and Florin Ristei were the protagonists of the evening, managing to impress with their remarkable transformation and passionate interpretations. The two turned into Pippo Franco and sang a difficult, children's song, which gave them a headache, but which in the end they did very well, and they were highly praised for their performance.

Even though they had emotions in front of the roulette choice for them, Ilona Brezoianu and Florin Ristei managed to give a memorable show during the third edition of the gala. Their moment was underlined by the generous gesture of Cristi Iacob, who awarded their team a bonus of 100 points, thus propelling them to the top of the standings and ensuring their victory in that gala.

The two were extremely happy when they found out!

Ilona and Ristei, Emi and Cuza, Connect-R and SHIFT, Jo and Liviu, Eliza and Zarug, Barbara and Bella, Alexia Ţalavutis and Dima and Paula and Romică are those whom the roulette of characters will go through all kinds of emotions of- throughout a season with energy at power #20.

The show of total transformations and at the same time one of the longest-running talent shows in Romania, I know you from somewhere!, returned to Antena 1 with its 20th season, from February 17, every Saturday, from 20.00.

Season 20! I almost can't believe it! I still remember the emotions of the beginning of this beautiful project! I am very happy to be part of the jury of one of the longest-running television shows in our country! We are coming back this spring with a lot of surprises, which we can't wait to share with those in front of the small screens!“, declared Andreea Bălan, while Mihai Petre added: “When you say season 20, no further description is needed. I was very pleasantly surprised by the team I found here and I am honored that together we will bring the viewers a spectacular season, with many surprises. From a brand new deck, to new graphics, we're coming with a lot of new things that I can't wait for you to discover!”, said the jurors before the start of the new season.