Rareș Bogdan announces possible negotiations regarding full accession to Schengen during the EPP Congress in Bucharest

MEP Rareș Bogdan is waiting for an announcement regarding Austria's agreement for full Schengen accession from Chancellor Karl Nehammer, who will participate on March 6-7 at the EPP Congress in Bucharest.

The MEP claims that an agreement can be reached this year PHOTO Facebook

“Of course, I would very much like it if, when you do broadcasts, probably with all the 13 heads of state and government coming to Bucharest between 6 and 8 (…) we could also have an exceptional announcement. I don't know if this will succeed. I don't hide that we are working on this, we are trying to get a negotiation, that if Karl Nehammer still comes and we see him in person, at least he should come with an announcement, not just with the idea of ​​swearing at him”, said PNL first vice-president Rareș Bogdan in an interview for Antena 3 CNN.

According to the MEP, full accession to the European free movement area can be achieved this year. “It can be 2024 with a friendly announcement made by the leaders of the ruling party in Austria, right at the Congress in Bucharest (…) I don't want to create anticipation”, the MEP also said.

The Congress of the European People's Party is taking place in Bucharest, on March 6-7, with the participation of over 2,000 delegates from over 40 countries, including the president of the European Commission, the president of the European Parliament, heads of state and government, party presidents from EPP, but also the European commissioners who are part of the political family of the popular Europeans.

EPP President Manfred Weber said in early February that the European political family fully supports full accession to Schegen, stating that Vienna's leader, Karl Nehammer, will have to explain the position when he comes in March to Bucharest.

Karl Nehammer is the chancellor of Austria, so he comes into the EPP family. He knows that in Romania he has many things to explain. From our point of view, that of the European People's Party, we also said it yesterday, we fully support the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area”Manfred Weber pointed out.

Asked if accession to Schengen is possible this year, the head of the EPP stated: “As soon as possible“.