Răducioiu, upset by Drăgușin's situation. He wants to go to England, to hold Postecoglou accountable

Florin Răducioiu does not understand why Radu Drăgușin is not used at all by the coach Ange Postecoglou, who did not use him at Tottenham either yesterday, in the game with Crystal Palace, score 3-1. Dissatisfied with the reserve status of the Romanian international, the former striker declared that he is willing to go to England to hold the coach accountable.

Florin Răducioiu does not believe that Drăgușin will catch the team at Tottenham. Sportpictures photo

“It is very difficult for Radu. I was in England and unfortunately I played a little, because it wasn't a championship for my qualities, I didn't find myself, it was simply very complicated. I failed, I stayed for six months. In the case of Radu Drăguşin, it is totally different. He knew very well where he was going. These two players (no Romero and Van de Ven), in this system that the Tottenham coach plays, are two fantastic players. It won't be simple for Radu Drăguşin.

He hasn't played since February 3rd

I don't know what will happen, but it's hard to believe he will play. We can send a colleague of ours to a press conference. If you want, I'll go! I ask the coach, at the next match in London: “I'm Florin Răducioiu, not a journalist. Regarding my compatriot, whom I respect very much, when do you think our player can play, in view of the European Championship that awaits us?” and let's see what he will say”said Florin Răducioiu at Prima Sport.

Radu Drăgușin has not played for Tottenham since February 3, when he entered the field in the 89th minute of the away match with Everton, which ended in a 2-2 draw, in the 23rd stage of the Premier League. Since then, 3 games have passed in which Romanian was not used at all.