Reading Day, celebrated with Doina Ruști and Alexandru Turcu at “St. Sava” College in Bucharest

The National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest and Ficționa magazine are organizing a meeting with high school students on Thursday, February 15 to celebrate the National Reading Day.

National Reading Day has been celebrated since 2022

Scrolled below the generic Read, recite, listen, the event takes place at the National College “St. Sava” from Bucharest, at 12:30 p.m., in the Hall of Festivities. The event is moderated by journalist Anca Șurian Capros.

The writer Doina Ruști and the actor Alexandru Turcu are invited to this meeting, dedicated to the pleasure of reading literature, declaiming and especially listening.

Every man has an inner voice, which public reading brings to the surface, and private reading accentuates. Reading means discovery, but also analysis, vision, introspection. With each reading we complete the “map” of our own being.

The event proposes an author reading, an individual and collective reading experiment and an acting recital.

The meeting is part of the “Thursday Fiction” club, regularly organized by the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest (MNLR) and the magazine “Fiction”.

Doina Ruști (b. 15 02 1957) is the author of novels with a strong social stake, including “Fantoma din moàra” (2008), “Lizoanca la 11 ani” (2009), but also the Fanariot trilogy: “Manuscrisul Fanariot” ( 2015), “Mâța Vinerii” (2017) and “Homeric” (2019). His most recent novel is “Occult Beds” (2020), followed by two volumes of stories: “Ciudațenii amoroase din Bucharestul fanariot” (2022) and “Depravatul din Gorgani” (2023).

With 40 titles translated into over 15 languages, including Chinese, Doina Ruști has enjoyed exegesis and laudatory reviews in numerous Romanian and international publications. Among the most recent translations are the second edition of the novel “L'omino rosso” (2021, Rome), “The Book of Perilous Dishes” (2022, London), “Zogru” (2022, Marseille).

Among others, he received the Prose Prize of the Romanian Writers' Union (2008) and the “Ion Creangă” Prize of the Romanian Academy (2009).

Doina Ruști founded the “Fiction” group, is a screenwriter and teaches creative writing courses at the University of Bucharest. He has the academic title of university professor.

Alexandru Turcu is an actor at the Comedy Theater in Bucharest.

Anca Șuria-Capros is the author of an impressive number of columns and radio shows, being best known for the show “At your disposal”, broadcast on Radio Romania Current Affairs.