The pinnacle of politics. Cioloș's party wants to cross the threshold in the elections, but it doesn't even have people for the polling stations. Where did he give the recruitment notice

REPER, a group of people who left USR, is trying to find people for polling stations on websites that recruit people for different jobs. The party wants to pass the 5% threshold, but cannot cover the approximately 19,000 polling stations.

Cioloș's party has problems with people PHOTO Inquam Photos

“The REPER Party Bucharest Branch invites enthusiastic and engaged citizens to join our team as Representatives in the Voting Sections for the European Parliamentary Elections in Bucharest, Cluj and Craiova. This is a great opportunity to actively contribute to the democratic process. The activity lasts for one day and is remunerated with an amount of about 400 lei net.”, is the announcement made on BestJobs, a platform with recruitment announcements, by the group that also includes Dacian Cioloș, former prime minister and former president of USR.

According to the specifications in the announcement, 30 positions would be targeted. There are only a few requirements: “knowledge of electoral legislation (we provide training and an online/phone support center); communication and decision-making skills; availability between 7:00 a.m. and ~11:00 p.m.'

Five MEPs, but problems with people

REPER currently has five MEPs and several parliamentarians, but they are not constituted as a group. The formation should reach the threshold of 5% in the EP elections, in order to have more MEPs, which seems impossible, but given that the voting intention is 1-2%. And now, REPER shows that it doesn't even have enough members to cover the polling stations.

Captured from BestJobs

Captured from BestJobs

We are also open to the idea of ​​political alliances or political collaborations. I'm not just talking about the European Parliament elections, I'm talking about all the elections in Romania. Moreover, you can see very well that the USL is merging. And I want to emphasize the USL, because it is no longer a governing coalition that was brought together under the influence of harsh times and the needs of the moment. We are talking about a team that is making a common front at this moment, on the same model we have seen before, and is making a political strategy for the elections, for all the rows of elections. That's what merging really means at this pointt”, said Ramona Strugariu, co-president of REPER, in Strasbourg, the other day.