Romania entered Schengen. The first travelers who were no longer subject to border controls

Romania officially entered, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the air and maritime Schengen space. This comes with the elimination of border controls, by air (at airports) and by sea (Black Sea ports).

Also worth noting is the fact that people can move to or from other member countries (except Cyprus and Ireland) without being checked at the border.

“Police identity checks are still possible, to establish the legal situation of the persons. All persons will still need a valid travel document!“, it is stated on the website

We remind you that currently only 27 European states are members with full rights in the Schengen Agreement, and Romania and Bulgaria are member states with partial rights.

Romania has officially entered the Schengen area, by air and sea. PHOTO Shutterstock (Archive)

A special event took place right after our country entered the Schengen area. The first people who were no longer subject to border checks were the passengers of an aircraft from Austria.

Travel in the Schengen area

Here is an example of travel within the Schengen area for air transport, according to the same website:

A person traveling by plane, for example, from Bucharest to Rome, will no longer be subject to border checks at the departure and arrival airports. Carriers can verify identity at check-in or boarding, just like for any other intra-Schengen flight. Conditions regarding border crossing by minors.

If the minor travels accompanied by both parents, only the travel document (passport, identity card) is needed.

If the minor is traveling accompanied by only one parent, in addition to the valid travel document, the authenticated declaration of the other parent is required, from which their consent to travel abroad can be derived.

If the minor is traveling accompanied by a third person, in addition to the valid travel document, the authenticated declaration of both parents is required, from which their agreement can be derived regarding the travel abroad.

If the minor travels for studies/competitions/medical treatment, he needs proof of the stated purpose of the trip and an authenticated statement by which one of the parents gives his consent for the trip.

If the minor is over 16 years old and traveling unaccompanied, in addition to the valid travel document, he needs an authenticated statement from both parents, from which their consent to travel abroad can be derived.

Authenticated statements are obtained, in the country, from the public notary and abroad from diplomatic missions or consular offices.

When traveling to the home or residence, the minor must present only the travel document and proof of the fact that he is traveling to the home or residence, regardless of whether he is alone or accompanied.

In the absence of these documents, the minor will not be allowed to continue the journey“.

“Austria's position remains clear and unchanged”

However, the border police will still be at the airports, but they will do spot checks

Police officers have at their disposal the EDAC application which is loaded on tablets. It scans the identity document presented by the verified person, compares it in the databases and immediately shows if we are talking about a follower or someone who has a ban. Obviously, first of all the application checks the legality of the documents. I want to say that these checks can be done not only in the airport, in the check-in or boarding area, but also in the airport parking lot, for example, if a person is suspicious or there is some operative information. However, I emphasize, in principle we are talking about random checks aimed at verifying the legality of those who want to travel and combating drug trafficking, among other things“, the Secretary of State, Bogdan Despescu, sent on Thursday, March 28.

At the same time, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu gave assurances on Friday, March 29, that the Government has a plan for Romania to fully join the Schengen area, by the end of the year. The Prime Minister's statements were made during the inauguration of the new terminal of the Timisoara Airport.

I assure you that we have a plan so that, by the end of the year, we will have full accession to Schengen, including land. In order for this to be accomplished, however, Romania's interest must come before political pride. Nothing can be built when there is chaos and political forces are arguing with each other. There is a need for stability and a unified voice around major country projects, as is Schengen”stated Marcel Ciolacu

However, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer stated in early March in a post on the X social network that “Austria's position remains clear and unchanged” and that currently “the Schengen system does not work”therefore, “cannot be extended“.