Romanian from England, exasperated by the weather: “It's raining and raining again. In 10 years, I have aged as much as in 20”. What the compatriots convey to him

A video of a Romanian settled in England complaining about the weather in this country has gone viral on TikTok. The video in which the man complains that he is tired of the rain and cold has had almost 400,000 views and has sparked a wave of reactions.

Doru Barbu is exasperated by the weather in England PHOTO capture video Tik Tok

Doru Barbu, a Romanian settled in England for 10 years, caused a wave of reactions on TikTok, after he posted a clip in which he complains about the weather in this country.

“It rains and it rains again and again (…) 31 out of 30 days it rains. And it's cold. And it's a life of … In 10 years I've aged as much as in 20. Before there was money, now we're like dogs on a pole. That's what happens when you get stuck in time. That's how you enroll your children in school. That's when you can't do anything anymore. You can't run away. You can't leave. We sit here and… (…) Is this the pleasure of life? Work, work, rain, cold. Sit tight. Not you pleasure, not you nothing. I made it rhyme now. That's what I needed. It rhymes now”, the Romanian makes fun of trouble.

He says that if he had the money, he would choose to live in a warmer country and compares life in England to prison.

“Who the hell made me choose this country? Hunger. That if my mother had given birth to me with more luck, maybe I would have ended up somewhere, in a warm country. I'm sitting here, it's like I'm in prison. Excuse me, I lost my head! That's it, I can't anymore! I'm sick of this weather. I'm not complaining about anything else. Well, but this weather and this cold and… got into my bones. I've had enough. Where to go? Can you take children like that? Come on, I thought we should go somewhere else! A good day!”, the Romanian concludes the video post with bitterness in his voice.

Romanians' reaction: “Suitcase and home”

As expected, the clip of the Romanian sparked a wave of reactions from our compatriots, who either expressed their solidarity with him, or suggested that he return to Romania. The man replied that he could not leave because he had a child with autism.

Come home, it's not much money, but it's homeit's warm, we have pig in a crate, malaiga malai”, someone writes humorously.

“Come home brothers! You can live well at home if you like your work.” someone else encourages him.

“Children are very adaptable. Especially if you go to a country with a friendlier climate, they will definitely like it.” suggests another Romanian.

“Come to Germany and you will regret England, the climate is the same but the people are colder” a compatriot warns him.

“True. England is only good for money, the rest is not a welcoming country”, someone scores.

“Do you want warmth? Come to Cyprus, but not at the same salary. But you have the sea next to you and in January you wear a T-shirt”, someone else writes.

“It wasn't until a year after I returned to Romania that I got over the cold from my bones in England. (6 years)”, another Romanian shares his experience.

“Suitcase and home if you've come to that conclusion,” a compatriot concludes the discussion.