Romanian woman caught stealing in a US supermarket for the second time: “I'm 14 years old. Don't touch me”

Two Romanian women, one of whom claims to be a minor, were caught stealing for the second time in a supermarket in the US. If the first time the thieves stole sunglasses, this time they stole more than $3,000 worth of powdered milk.

The Romanian introduced herself with the name “Lavinia” PHOTO Youtube (video capture)

A video in which the American police caught three Romanians, Anita, Lavinia and a minor, stealing sunglasses from a Walmart supermarket in Florida has gone viral on YouTube, garnering over three million views.

On the YouTube channel where the footage of the three thieves was posted, a new video was later posted, with the title “Strangers are stealing from the store again”, which shows that two of the three thieves from Romania, Lavinia and Minora, have were caught again shoplifting at a Walmart supermarket.

“Lake County, Florida Sheriff's Deputies responded to a local convenience store for a report of a shoplifting in progress. Asset Protection employees had monitored two women as they loaded a shopping cart with baby formula. One suspect, a minor, was arrested as she was leaving the store with her shopping cart. The adult suspect was detained shortly after, near the houses”, it is shown in the video description.

In the images, you can see how the police intervene and catch the two Romanian women in the act. “I have 14 years. Do not touch me“, says the thief who declares that she is a minor. “That's it. Juveniles go to jail too”one of the agents answers him.

As she is being handcuffed, one of the thieves tells the police that her hand hurts. “It's ok, that's what happens when you steal. Handcuffs are uncomfortable. That's how it should be. (…) If you didn't steal, you didn't wear handcuffs“, said the policeman to one of the thieves.

After they said they were from Romania and were read their rights, the two thieves said they didn't understand anything. After checks, the police established that in the cart with which they left the stores, the thieves had powdered milk worth $1,600, and in the car 50 boxes worth $1,500 were found.

The images sparked nearly 5,000 comments. “Why is this woman a repeat offender? They should have been deported a long time ago. When you come to America legally, they try to find any reason to turn you away and deny your application. Look at these people. It's so pathetic. I've had enough”, is one of the comments.

“My mother worked for a year for a large Roma family who ran a well-organized credit card fraud and identity theft business. When they served the search warrants, they had to call a rental truck to pick up all the seized property. Only over 20 plasma TVs. Seven members of the family ended up in jail and the grandmother actually jumped on the hood of her BMW as they tried to lift it. Theft is a way of life in these families”someone else commented.

“This is the problem we have in the UK especially with organized Romanian gangs. Once they break the law they need instant deportation. They are guests in our countries and they choose to abuse our hospitality and they don't care. Not all Romanians are like that and they give their country a bad name. My daughter had a wonderful couple living next door and she was ashamed to admit where she was from. However, both were hardworking people”was another comment.