Difficult for the PSD, about collapsing the elections: “Over 90% chance”. The social democrats overwhelmingly favor the unification of some ballots

Mihai Tudose, MEP and coordinator of the PSD campaign for European parliamentarians, believes that there are very high chances for a combination of elections, and internally the social democrats are leaning towards such an approach.

Mihai Tuudose, PSD campaign coordinator for PE PHOTO Archive Adevărul

Mihai Tudose stated that his personal opinion is that the chances are very high for holding elections in 2024.If it's over 51% it's ok. Personally I think over 90%. There is no legal impediment to we are collapsing the elections”, declared the coordinator of the PSD campaign for the European Parliament, in an interview on Prima TV

Tudose pointed out that discussions are still being held in the Coalition. “I still don't know that he has decided, I know that there are discussions, we will continue to have discussions. I consulted, I was in the country, through Transylvania, last week I had consultations with all the organizations and there was an open question, is there this option, what do you say? About 95 percent said it's not a bad option. For reasons of confusion among the electorate, you call us every Sunday to vote. They should come to vote about 5 times“, Tudose also affirmed.

Electoral “fatigue”.

The world at some point becomes hostile to this democratic exercise. And then taking into account the fact that you have two elections that cannot be moved in any way, the European parliamentary elections where the date is set by the Council and the parliamentary elections, where the Constitution clearly provides some deadlines, the rest can be moved. It's an idea, let's see if the good parts are more than the bad parts. This merger is not made against someone, because I heard voices that, sir, this merger is made against I don't know what party“, said the PSD representative

Mihai Tudose explained that there are many countries where there are joint elections, including Belgium: “There are a lot of countries that do this, including Belgium since we are still talking about the European Parliament. The last to decide this is Ireland. I really like these political colleagues or great analysts who say we want a country like outside, but when something like this happens outside, it is no longer good what happens outside, we have our own specifics.”

Mihai Tudose also criticized the economic argument for the merger. “The financial argument is nonsense. I heard a brilliant thing yesterday. Sir, we want this thing because of the money we save, we give that 10 percent to pensions. And next year, what the hell are we going to do to have more? Do we combine Friday with Tuesday? There are colleagues who never miss an opportunity to be absolutely ridiculous”, was the conclusion of the PSD vice-president.