Romanians, among the protagonists of the sex industry in Switzerland, where prostitution is legal

The well-known British newspaper The Sun made an extensive report in Switzerland, where the sex industry registers high profits, and an entrepreneur has created a website where customers who want to contact a prostitute must leave their identification data.

Amy, one of the Romanian women who works at a brothel in Switzerland PHOTO Club Elegant

Journalists from The Sun went to Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland, which attracts more than two million tourists annually, many of them in search of erotic pleasures.

According to estimates, the annual turnover of the sex industry in Switzerland, where prostitution is legal, amounts to more than three billion euros.

“Switzerland is the country where prostitution is legal and paying for sex is as simple as ordering an Uber,” write journalists from The Sun.

And a Zurich-based entrepreneur has adapted to the market's demands by creating the website Saferchoice, where customers who want the services of an escort must create an account and leave their identification data. This is primarily to prevent the cases of crimes and assaults committed against prostitutes in Switzerland in recent years.

Those from The Sun also went to a brothel where most of the employees are from Romania. And customers pay 100 Swiss francs for a 20 minute sex session. Andreea, a young woman originally from Romania, told The Sun journalists: “British customers are very polite and talkative.”

Cătălina, the Romanian manager of a brothel in Geneva, told British journalists: “All the girls working in Geneva are legally registered. And this gives them police protection in case of problems, and as a result the quality of customers has also increased.”

According to estimates, there are several tens of thousands of prostitutes in Switzerland, and over 2,000 of them are originally from Romania. In the city of Zurich alone, over 5,000 prostitutes are legally registered.

For example, almost half of the more than 150 prostitutes who work legally for a brothel in the Swiss town of Oberbüren are from Romania. And the rates start from 140 Swiss francs.