Ciolacu: There is no PSD agreement with PNL for the local elections. I am not running for the Capital City Hall

The president of the PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Friday that the formation he leads has no agreement with the PNL regarding the local elections for joint candidacies. The Prime Minister also assured that he will not run for Bucharest City Hall.

Marcel Ciolacu: I have only one agreement with my colleagues from PSD PHOTO Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

Asking, on Friday, during a press conference, after a visit to the Constanța Naval Shipyard, whether an agreement between PSD and PNL will still be valid for the designation of mayors in office, for municipalities and county residences, the leader of the social democrats stated that in fact, there is no agreement in this regard.

I have no agreement! Not even with the PNL. I have only one agreement with my PSD colleagues, because I am the president. I didn't make an agreement with anyone, no one made any agreement. I told you that PSD will have candidates, it usually has in every locality. There is no agreement neither for the county council, nor for the mayor's office, nor for the Moon, nor for NATO. There is no agreement with anyone”said Marcel Ciolacu.

At the same time, regarding the topic circulated in the press that he could run for the Capital City Hall, he answered bluntly: “I'm not running! I am the prime minister. Am I leaving the prime minister to go to the mayor's office? I didn't even want to answer this question, which is stupid as a concept, as a human“.

The clarifications come after more speculation about the PMB candidate. It was even circulated that Daniel Băluță could be proposed to head Capitalie, but recently he announced that he excludes this possibility because he wants to continue the projects started in sector 4, which he is at the head of.

Candidate for “candidacy”

On the other hand, Gabriela Firea stated that she is presented as the “candidate for candidacy” for this year's elections at the Capital City Hall and mentioned that she proposed an agreement whereby she assumes that she will not use the position of mayor of the Capital for taking over the leadership of the party.

Moreover, Marcel Ciolacu was asked on Friday when the candidates for the local elections will be announced, and he answered that the most important thing now is the announcement of the proposals for the European parliamentary elections.

The first elections we have are the European Parliament elections, we did not get to know the head of the Campaign, with Mr. Tudose, I am trying during this trip to try to announce the candidates for the European Parliament in the next period. Let's finalize what are the first elections, the first elections, on June 9 are the European Parliament elections. Then there would be local elections. Like each of us, we deal primarily with what is the first time“, mentioned Ciolacu.