Romanians diagnosed with severe malaria after traveling to Zanzibar. “One of them is in intensive care in an extremely serious condition”

Four Romanians who traveled to Zanzibar fell ill with severe malaria. One of them is in serious condition, hospitalized in intensive care.

Romanians got malaria from Zanzibar PHOTO: archive

Four Romanians were diagnosed with severe cupid malaria after traveling to Zanzibar.

Two of the patients have been discharged, but the others are still in hospital, one is in serious condition.

“One of them is in intensive care with an extremely serious condition. The second one, let's see, is about 48 hours from admission, the other two managed to be discharged in good condition, but we are concerned about the frequency with which these cases have appeared and all at the same destination and each of them saying they have not had knowledge of prophylaxis, which is very serious”, stated Simin Aysel Florescu, the manager of the Victor Babeș Hospital for Digi24.

Doctors draw people's attention to inform themselves about the dangers that befall them when they go on a trip.

“We are used to seeing cases of imported malaria from all over Africa, but Zanzibar there were quite a few cases, because in recent years the transmission was less there, but prophylaxis was always recommended. And besides the fact that there are four patients with serious forms of the disease, they unfortunately received conflicting information from the travel agencies they traveled with, the agencies telling them that they did not need prophylaxis, which is incorrect once and, secondly, upon returning to the country, when the symptoms of the disease started, their presentation to the doctor was quite late, a fact that worsened the evolution of the disease in these patients”. said Simin Aysel Florescu.