The people of Bucharest do not want either Gabriela Firea or Nicușor Dan at the Capital City Hall. What do the latest survey data say?

PNL Bucharest commissioned an opinion poll with the aim of evaluating the preferences of the electorate in the country's capital in view of this year's elections.

Gabriela Firea and Nicușor Dan, possibly the main candidates for the Capital City Hall

In January, PNL Bucharest commissioned an opinion poll regarding the public's options for the upcoming elections, both local and parliamentary.

As was obvious, being a survey of its own, the PNL appears with an increase in the voting option, depending on the type of election.

Thus, 21% would be the score of the PNL in the Capital, and 23% of Bucharesters who go to vote indicated the PNL as an option in the parliamentary elections, the top being dominated by the PSD which would obtain 28% in the parliamentary elections and 30% in the local elections.


The United Right Alliance, in the formula USR-PMP-Forța Dreptei, appears with a score of 26% in the local and 25% in the parliamentarians, but even so it is above the PNL. AUR does not really catch on in Bucharest, where the score is 7% in local and 8% in parliamentary.


Of all the participants in the survey, 63% declared that they did not want Bucharest to be led by Gabriela Firea again, while 57% expressed the same disappointment with the performance of the current mayor, Nicușor Dan.

At question “To what extent are you dissatisfied or satisfied with the activity of Mayor General Nicusor Dan?”6% of the respondents declared that they were very satisfied, and a total of 63% being very dissatisfied (34%) or quite dissatisfied (29%) with the mandate of Nicușor Dan.


When asked further whether or not Nicușor Dan deserves another term as General Mayor, 63% answer that the current mayor no longer deserves a term at the Capital City Hall (49% definitely NO, 14% probably NO). Thus, 58% of Bucharest residents agree with the statement that “Nicusor Dan is a disappointment for me”.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 2,387 people in Bucharest, between January 12-22, with a margin of error of +/-2%, at a probability level of 95%.