Romanians, increasingly attracted to online shopping. What were the best selling products in 2023

In recent years, more and more Romanians have started to follow online shopping. Thus, the statistics show that, from year to year, Romanians abandon physical stores and turn their attention to technology.

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This was also influenced by the Covid19 pandemic, sales specialists claim. During that time, a lot of people have become comfortable with online stores, and this has become a habit.

More and more Romanians buy online

Statistics show that, in recent years, more and more Romanians have started to turn their attention to online shopping. Thus, many people have stopped going to stores to choose the products they want.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, no less than 66% of Internet users in Romania made at least one purchase online in 2022. The percentage is increasing compared to 2021, by 8.7%.

The pandemic has changed the habits of the Romanian buyer. We note that online sales have increased in recent years, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. However, there are still customers who prefer to go to the store to see the product they want. At the moment, buyers are divided into two categories: those who prefer to purchase online and those who prefer to go physically to the store“, stated the representatives of an electronics and household appliance store in Iași.

What are the most purchased products by Romanians

According to statistics, most of the Romanians who buy online turn their attention to electronics. A study carried out by GFK Romania, in 2023, shows that the most popular products sold in Romania were mobile phones and tablets, followed by televisions, laptops and large appliances, such as refrigerators or washing machines.

Young people are oriented towards new technologies, towards latest generation gadgets, they are the main buyers when it comes to this category of products. Older people, in the 40-50 age category, purchase large household appliances, used in homes“, added the representatives of the store.