Bianca Dragusanu is selling her apartment in Dubai. “Everything I have, houses, cars and other possessions are bought only by me”

Two years after purchasing her luxury apartment in Dubai, Bianca Drăgușanu announces that she is selling it, according to WOWBiz. The star also stated on Instagram the price she expects to get.

Bianca Drăgușanu confessed to her followers that, initially, she was thinking of renting the apartment she bought in Dubai, but decided to sell it because she wanted something else.

Bianca Dragusanu. PHOTO Facebook Bianca Drăgușanu

“I have been the owner of an apartment I bought in Dubai for more than two years. Now it's ready and I'm happy to announce that I can sell it too. So, whoever is interested in having an apartment in Dubai can write to me on Instagram for details. You will say why I am selling my apartment in Dubai. Because I want a house, maybe in Dubai, and in Romania. So I have a studio apartment in Aykon Tower in Business Bay. It is a very nice apartment, which can also go into Airbnb (….) I am selling it, the price is very good and I am going to make bigger investments“, explained Bianca Drăgușanu, on Instagram.

Asking price: 440,000 euros.

The apartment that Bianca Drăgușanu owns in Dubai has 65 square meters, and the price announced by the star for those who want it is 440,000 euros.

The star made, also online, some clarifications regarding the goods he owns.

“Everything I have, houses, cars and other possessions, are bought by me alone, although some would say they are given as gifts. It would have been nice, but it's not true! And that can be proven.” is another message posted by the star, according to WOWBiz.