Sadulaev loses at the border. Twice Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, he was banned from entering Romania

The Russian athlete came from Spain, where he received a visa, but he could not pass the Romanian customs.

Abdulrashid Sadulaev. Photo: Facebook

The Russian Abdulrashid Sadulaev, two-time Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, was not allowed to enter Romania to participate in the European Wrestling Championships, the head of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Mikhail Mamiashvili, told the TASS news agency.

Sadulaev competed in the weight category up to 97 kg. Competitions in this weight category at the European Championships in Bucharest will start on February 16.

Abdulrashid flew from the country for which he received a visa. He flew to Barcelona, ​​​​from there to Bucharest, but in Romania the customs officials did not let him enter, they had doubts about him and the decision was made to refuse his entry. It is hard to imagine what motivates thisMamiashvili said.

Of course, both Abdulrashid lost (many due to the denial of entry) and the team. A fan was waiting for an athlete of this level, Sadulaev is one of the most desired athletes on the mats of any country. And the Romanian wrestling federation lost – their task is for the strongest fighters to compete with their athletes. What's next with the selection? Will prepare for licensed tournaments. Abdulrashid does not give in to challenges, yes, he is extremely disappointed and surprised. We will support him,” added Mikhail Mamiashvili.

On February 9, the head coach of the Russian freestyle wrestling team, Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, told TASS that Sadulaev and another Olympic champion, Zaur Uguev, were denied visas to participate in the European Championship.

On February 13, the head of the press service of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Tigran Avanyan, announced that Sadulaev would be able to compete at the European Championships. The Russians compete at the European Championships with neutral status.

Sadulaev is 27 years old and is also a five-time world champion and four-time European champion.