Save the Children calls for a ban on gambling ads. What other measures does the organization propose?

“Save the Children” sent an appeal to the Parliament demanding strict restrictions on gambling advertising. The non-governmental organization also proposes establishing a minimum distance between playrooms and educational institutions or other spaces frequented by children and young people.

Save the Children wants gambling ads banned PHOTO Shutterstock

According to the press release sent by the organization to AGERPRES on Wednesday, “Save the Children” expresses its support for two bills under parliamentary debate, aimed at protecting children and young people from the risks associated with gambling, but believes that some additions are still necessary.

Prohibition of any form of advertising

In this sense, the organization proposes the introduction of an article that completely prohibits any form of gambling advertising, including online and audiovisual media, in the written press, but also in public spaces and at sporting events. This measure comes in response to concerns about the negative impact of exposure to aggressive gambling advertising on children and young people.

“Save the Children” also requests that gambling be kept away from schools and other places frequented by children and teenagers. According to the proposal, a distance of at least 300 meters should be imposed between gambling halls and educational establishments or sports grounds accessible to them.

In addition, the organization also proposes other measures, including restricting the association of gambling with sports activities, not granting the authorization to operate gambling in localities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, compared to 5,000, as is currently the case, as well as raising the age limit for access to gambling at 21 years.

Save the Children hopes that Parliament will consider these proposals and take the necessary measures to protect future generations from the risks associated with gambling.