Tensions in PSD Iași. Two members of the branch leave the party. Ostaficiuc: “Confuse politics with business”

The deputy from Iași, Marius Ostaficiuc, announced that he is leaving PSD, citing the lack of compatibility with the Iași branch of the formation, “captured”, with “people who have not proven anything and who confuse politics with business”.

PSD Iași deputy announced that he is leaving the party PHOTO Facebook / Marius Ostaficiuc

Breakups are also part of politics. After 23 years since joining the ranks of social democracy, I made the decision to leave the PSD. I no longer feel compatible here, in Iasi, with people who have not proven anything and who confuse politics with business. I leave a captured branch and a party that is on the left in the morning, in the middle at noon and on the right in the evening, and the next day it starts all over again. I will stay in politics, using my energies and experience in projects to further help my homeland and the city to which I owe everything, Iasi“, the deputy wrote on Facebook.

The parliamentarian would join the AUR, along with another MEP colleague from the PSD, Tudor Ciuhodaru.

AUR announces, on Wednesday, that over 150 mayors, vice mayors, local and county councilors from PNL and PSD have joined the formation, following the discussions for merging the elections.

“We are going to AEP, which, in addition to the merger project, has two more dangerous things for democracy on its agenda: the prohibition of voting in the Diaspora for those who do not reside there in the European Parliament elections. In the European parliamentary elections, as in the presidential elections, Romanians can vote anywhere”announced the president of AUR.