Soon, the ChatGPT chatbot could also store data about its users

The OpenAI company informed on Tuesday that it is working on a new function, which will make the ChatGPT Chatbot capable of memorizing information and data about its users, according to Agerpres.

OpenIA is working on a new GPT Chat feature, photo Shutterstock

This feature is currently being tested within a small group. For example, the software could remember the fact that a user has a daughter who loves jellyfish or the format in which he prefers to receive the summaries of meetings from work, the specialists explained. So if that user asks the Chat GPT chatbot to design a card for their daughter's birthday, the image might include a jellyfish wearing a party hat.

In order for ChatGPT to store information about users in the future, the latter must request this from the chatbot the first time they execute this function. Also, the user can ask the software what information it knows about him, being able to later delete all or some details.

The memoization feature is meant to make the chatbot more useful. Temporary chats are available for non-personalized conversations. The information from these chats is not used for further training of the software.

ChatGPT is the AI-based chatbot that attracted a lot of attention to it a year ago. Chatbots based on artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, are trained with the help of huge amounts of information and can formulate texts at the linguistic level of a human. The principle behind this ability is that they estimate, word by word, how a sentence should continue. However, they can still give completely wrong answers, even if they have only been given factually correct information.