Scandal in GOLD. Dumitru Coarnă claims that he resigned from the party. Simion says he was fired

Dumitru Coarnă announced in a post on Facebook that he is resigning from the political formation led by George Simion, accusing that the law and the AUR statute are not respected, and the party management refuses to establish county branches. In response, the formation reported that the parliamentarian was kicked out of the party, and several accusations were launched.

The parliamentarian claims to have resigned from the party PHOTO Facebook

“Together with colleagues from AUR Călărași, we unanimously decided to resign from the party

The reasons for this decision are:

1. Non-compliance with the provisions of the law on political parties (14/2003) by the national leadership of the party;

2. Non-compliance with the AUR statute by the central management;

3. Refusal to establish county branches”is the message published by Dumitru Coarnă on Facebook.

Replica AUR: Held the accessions and the financial part per individual

For its part, in a response on the AUR Călărași Facebook page, the party claims that it asked the deputy to present the original and scanned copies of the adhesions made at the AUR Călărași branch, but also that the deputy made “financial documents that are not in the party's records”.

“He tried, during his activity in the last months, to introduce in AUR Călărași all the toxic operating mechanisms that he tried to apply in the other formations from which he left or was removed. He refused any promotion of people based on meritocracy, creating a system in which he kept the memberships and the financial part per individual. We will not tolerate any kind of deviation from the statutory and legal norms and we will not limit anyone's right to promote within the formation”accuses AUR.

The formation also transmitted: “his lordship refused to respond to all the requests from the central leadership of the party, to transmit the accessions, but also to respect the legal and statutory framework of the party regarding the financial activities, and as a consequence, on January 29, i it was conveyed that he no longer has any representative capacity in the AUR party”.

As a result of the repeated refusals, Mr. Coarnă was sent a physical summons regarding these aspects this week. His Highness refused to receive the representatives of the General Secretariat of the AUR, kicking them out of a parallel office that he had created for the AUR Călăraşi.

Dumitru Coarnă announced in June of last year that he joined the Alliance for the Union of Romanians and will represent the parliamentary group of this party in the Chamber of Deputies.

The deputy entered the Parliament in 2020 on the PSD lists, but was later excluded, after he went to the Russian Embassy, ​​together with Diana Şoşoacă, Mihai Lasca and Francisc Tobă, where they met with the Russian ambassador in Bucharest.

The four Romanian parliamentarians then expressed their openness to peace negotiations in the “House of the People” and a possible position of neutrality of our country, in the context of the war in Ukraine.