Sharon Stone on Hollywood stardom: “You go out to dinner, there's 15 people at the table and who gets the bill?”

The 65-year-old actress Sharon Stone spoke in an interview about the dangers of being a multi-millionaire star in Hollywood, the Daily Mail reports.

Sharon Stone has an estimated net worth of $60 million. Photo: profimedia (Archive)

The “Basic Instinct” star, whose fortune is estimated at $60 million, confessed that she is “very expensive to be famous” and that she is expected to pay the dinner bill “every time”in a candid chat with InStyle.

The Golden Globe winner said that her notoriety is so great that she can't take it anymore “hop on a Delta flight” and she has to hire a suite of people to make sure she always looks perfect and to ensure her safety.

Being famous is very expensive. You go out to dinner, there are 15 people at the table and who gets the bill? You get the $3,000 bill every time”the diva confessed.

The star has calculated all her expenses, including those related to the house, her staff, from advertising agents to security to make-up artists.

Sharon stated that she was far too famous to fly on commercial airlines, saying: “At least now people understand that Jennifer Lawrence can't just jump on a plane. Nicole Kidman can't jump the Delta. Sharon Stone can't do it either, whether she does a lot of movies or not.”

In an October interview with British Vogue, the Oscar-nominated actress recalled the near-fatal stroke she suffered in 2001 and the doctors who, she said, initially misdiagnosed her problem medical and almost sent her home without treatment.

“They thought I was pretending”

The star described the headache as “like a bolt of lightning“, just before she was rushed to the hospital, over two decades ago.

“I remember waking up on a stretcher and asking the kid who was taking it where he was taking me and he said 'brain surgery'', the actress recalled. “A doctor had decided, without my knowledge or consent, that he needed to do exploratory brain surgery and sent me into the operating room.”she also confessed.

She claims that the medical staff did not take seriously the details of the pain she was feeling and as a result did not detect the brain haemorrhage: “They missed it on the first angiogram and thought I was faking itStone told the publication.

The actress had a brain hemorrhage that lasted nine days, and doctors at the time gave her only a 1% chance of survival.

When Stone became aware of the doctors' plan to perform exploratory brain surgery, she went out of her way to convey that she did not agree to it.

Looking back nearly two decades later, Stone has a new perspective on how patients are treated.

What I learned from that experience is that in the medical field, women are often not listened to, especially when they don't have a female doctor“, she stated.

It just so happened that her best friend was with her at the hospital and convinced the doctors to do a second angiogram.

My best friend convinced them to do a second one and they found that I had brain hemorrhage, all over the subarachnoid space, and that the vertebral artery was torn,” Stone explained, before adding: “I would have died if they sent me home”.