Significant changes to the Famous and Warrior tribes

On Thursday's February 15th edition of Survivor All Stars, Mr. Dan made a landmark announcement regarding the fate of the Famous and Warrior tribes. “Jador and Jorge remain nominated because all you have to do is fight a duel. You will both have very difficult decisions to make. You'll have to give me some names.”

Photo: ProTV

In the edition of Thursday, February 15, 2024, of the show Survivor All Stars Romania, the relay game was supported by Ștefania Stănilă and Jorge, from the Faimoși, and Sorin Pușcașu and Alexandra Duli, from the Warriors. If the two contestants made the route through the water, Jorge and Sorin Pușcașu reached the finish. The two tried to score the two bags in the shortest time, and today the Dominican gods were on the side of the Faimoșilor team.

Right after the reward game, a small scandal broke out between the Famous and the Warriors. From a line by Andrei Ciobanu, things got heated very quickly and started raining words that are not recommended for sensitive ears. Moroșanu and Iancu Sterp had a heated exchange of ideas, Zmărăndescu also intervened, and the quarrel was extinguished at the request of the teammates.

But in the edition of Thursday, February 15, 2024, of the Survivor All Stars show, there are also beautiful facts: Jador tells his teammates from Faimoși that he gave his portion of food to Maria Lungu, from Războnicii. Moroșanu is one of the Famous who explains the singer's gesture and appreciates it: “Jador is a very kind man. And Mary began to weep and was moved with pity. I understand Jador. He, being from a family with many children and from a socially disadvantaged category, he experienced that poverty. And he got it“. Jador himself explained his gesture:Initially, I said he was pretending…. But the girl was crying from hunger. And I felt sorry for her. That's all“.

Tribes change

The most important moment of the Thursday, February 15, 2024 edition of the Survivor All Stars show, however, was related to the fact that the Famous and Warrior tribes underwent changes. Thus, Jorge – who received the blue team – had to nominate a girl to team up with. So did Jador – who got the red team. Then, the chosen ones in turn chose their new (or old) teammates. Jorge, who received the blue team (Războinici) chooses Stefania from Războinici. Then Stefania chooses Iancu Sterp, Iancu chooses Maria Chițu. Maria chooses Alex Delea. Alex chooses Lola and Lola chooses Soni. Maria Lungu automatically goes to Faimosi, after Robert chose Duli. Maria Lungu chooses Cătălin Moroșanu

Jador who received the red team (Faimoșii) chooses Ana Porgras from Faimoșii, and Ana chooses Zani. Zani chooses Ștefania from Faimoși, and Ștefania Stănilă chooses Andrei Ciobanu. The warriors are stunned when Andrei Ciobanu is chosen by the red team. Andrei chooses Alexandra Ciomag, and Alexandra chooses DJ Mayers, who chooses Duli. Duli chooses Sorin.

Outside the tribes, only Cătălin Zmărandescu remains, who had to make a choice. He chose to go to Faimosi, their number being 10 after this choice. The Warriors are left with just nine contenders.