Philip Morris Romania, first place in the Top Employers in 2024, in the Consumer Goods Production category

Philip Morris Romania ranks first in the Employers' Top in 2024, in the Consumer Goods Production category, made by the platform. This is the only ranking in Romania that is based on the opinions of employees or former employees (calculated over a period of 12 months) and not on the analysis of human resources practices or the notoriety of companies. The first 3 criteria evaluated favorably by Philip Morris Romania employees were: procedures and values, salary package, advancement opportunities.

The first place in the Employers' Top also means an additional recognition of the human resources practices successfully applied at the company level and positions Philip Morris Romania in the ranking of the most desirable companies.

needlesthis certification not only honors us, it emphasizes again that we do our job well, that we treat our colleagues with respect, we recognize their merits, qualities and involvement. The fact that we received a good score on the procedures side seems to me to be an important signal that through everything we do we offer safety and clarity. We are also pleased that we received a good score on the part of salary packages, to which is added a component of flexible benefits, updated annually based on the feedback received from colleagues. When you work with people, you can't just boil down to general objectives – people are emotions, they are needs, they are energy, and all these things cannot be ignored. I would like to thank all those who expressed their opinions through the platform” – stated Luminița Florea, People & Culture Director.

At this moment, Philip Morris Romania has over 1,500 employees in the commercial division in Bucharest and in the production division in Otopeni. In 2024, Philip Morris Romania was recertified for the tenth year in a row as a Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute, which evaluated the work environment, the integration of new colleagues, talent attraction, development and training policies, the well-being of employees (well-being), benefits and recognition of their merits.

Philip Morris International (PMI), a leading company in the tobacco industry and a pioneer in the research and development of smoke-free products globally, has been present in Romania for over 30 years. In 1993, PMI established the local branch, and in 1997 started the construction of the Otopeni factory, which was completed in 2000. Since 2017, it has been transformed into a state-of-the-art factory for heated tobacco products, following a total investments of more than 600 million dollars, and in the fall of 2023 Philip Morris announced an additional investment of 130 million dollars in the factory in Otopeni.

Philip Morris International: For a smoke-free future

Philip Morris International (PMI) is a leading international tobacco company that has set out to build a smoke-free future and to expand its long-term product portfolio beyond the tobacco or nicotine products sector. The company's current product portfolio consists mainly of cigarettes and smokeless products. Since 2008, PMI has invested more than $12.5 billion to develop, scientifically substantiate and commercialize innovative smokeless products for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke, with the goal of ending the sale of cigarettes altogether. For this, world-class scientific evaluation capabilities have been built, particularly in the areas of preclinical systems toxicology, clinical and behavioral research, as well as post-marketing studies. In November 2022, PMI acquired Swedish Match – a leading marketer of oral nicotine products – and is thus at the forefront of companies fighting for a smoke-free future through its IQOS and ZYN brands. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared a version of PMI's Platform 1 IQOS device and related consumables, as well as Swedish Match's snus product, as a Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP ). As of December 30, 2023, smoke-free products developed by PMI were available for sale in 84 markets and PMI estimates that approximately 20.8 million adults worldwide have already switched to IQOS and quit smoking. Smokeless products accounted for approximately 37% of PMI's total net revenues for the full year 2023. With a strong foundation and significant expertise in life sciences, in February 2021 PMI announced in February 2021 its ambition to expand into wellness and health care and, through its subsidiary Vectura Fertin Pharma, aims to improve the quality of life by providing integrated health experiences.

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