Simion, about the AUR candidate in the presidential elections. What he says about Dan Puric and Mircea Geoană: “He didn't come looking for us”

AUR President George Simion declared on Saturday that he does not want to run for this year's presidential elections. The leader of the formation claimed that the local organizations will decide if actor Dan Puric can be the party's candidate for these elections, stating that he has his support, because “they share a lot of common values”.

Simion: I want us to win the presidential elections against the PSD-PNL joint candidate Photo: Archive

Party members, our local organizations will decide. If Mr. Puric goes and convinces our local organizations to support him. He is (in the internal competition of AUR no), showing his desire to run. If he comes and convinces a majority of our party, he can be (one of the candidates no) We have the door open until March 15, come, convince our organizations, convince the AUR party, which has 15,000 dues members, that it deserves to vote for yourselves”said George Simion, in an interview on Prima TV, according to, after being asked if the actor Dan Puric will be the AUR candidate in the presidential elections.

The leader of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) also mentioned that if he did not run for the position of president of Romania, “Yes”, he would vote for Dan Puric because ”he is one of the people with whom he shares many common values“.

George Simon, on the other hand, stated that he does not want to run for the presidential elections.

I don't want it, I rather aim for an executive position. I want the two political objectives I have, once: to block them, to confuse them, to stop them, not to have a decade of stability. And after that, let's create normality. I don't know how the year will end. I am 37 years old, I have the future ahead of me. I want to see which candidate we can have who will win against the PSD-PNL joint candidate“, said Simion.

The AUR leader said that Mircea Geoană, the general secretary of NATO, did not seek him out to negotiate a presidential candidacy.

He didn't come looking for us. We wait to see. We understand that he has a career in the Euro-Atlantic structures, that he is not active from a political point of view. I'm being ironic. He has been campaigning for a year and a half. Mircea Geoană is a character who, if he wants to run for the presidency and wants the support of AUR, we are waiting for him to talk,” noted George Simion.

According to the cited source, George Simion claimed that he no longer remembers whether he voted in the 2009 presidential elections.

I do not believe. I do not know anymore. I don't remember anymore. I know for sure that in 2004, I was with my then-girlfriend, I had just turned 18 and I was angry after the first round: “Look, Băsescu didn't win!”. And by 2009 I had already seen Traian Băsescu's face and I didn't vote for him. As I could not vote in 2014 in the second round of voting either, having some options that were not valid for me. I couldn't have voted for Victor Ponta, and Klaus Iohannis did everything in that campaign for my values ​​so that he wouldn't win my vote and I didn't vote for him“, the AUR leader also said.