CTP, tribute to Sorana Cîrstea: “The player with the most impressive mental progress in Romanian tennis”

The journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu published on his Facebook page an article entitled Sorana – only for the future! in which it shows that the Romanian player, at almost 34 years old, is in an unprecedented physical and mental shape in her career.

Sorana Cîrstea “fought until the last ball” PHOTO Getty

I look at Sorana Cîrstea and I can't believe my eyes. At the moment, at almost 34 years old, physically prepared like never before, she is THE PLAYER WITH THE MOST IMPRESSIVE MENTAL PROGRESS IN ROMANIAN TENNIS and one of the strongest mentally on the WTA circuit,” says Popescu.

The origin of this transformation, says CTP, was a moment of pressure: “Where did he come from to get here? From asking the referee for her coach to come out of the stands because she, Sorana, and no one else, had sent a leg smash into the net from 3m from the net...”

In the memorable confrontations at the Dubai Open, Sorana showed that she is an unstoppable fighter, the journalist also says.

In all 4 memorable matches at the Dubai Open with Sofia Kenin, Dona Vekic, Marketa Vondrousova, Jasmine Paolini, 3 won after fabulously long and hard battles, 1 lost after an equally tough tie, Sorana fought to the last ball with a controlled and collected tenacity as we have only seen in Simona Halep, in her great days,” explains Cristian Tudor Popescu.

These performances, he says, are clear evidence that “in tennis, an infinite sport, comeback is possible at any age and from any score“. Sorana Cîrstea thus becomes an example of perseverance and determination, and her future is full of promises. “I don't want to imagine what Sorana could have done in the past with her current mind. I'll just think about what he can do from now on…” concludes Cristian Tudor Popescu.