Simona Halep, at the end of the TAS hearings: “I never had the intention of doping and I never did”

The last round of hearings in Simona Halep's doping case took place today at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.

Simona Halep says she is confident that the truth will win PHOTO archive Adevărul

The Romanian athlete left the hearings at around 4:30 p.m., and gave a short statement to the Romanian reporters present at the scene, after which she also spoke to foreign media institutions.

I can't tell you absolutely anything about what was at the hearing, but I can say that this hearing gave me a chance to present my defense. I want to tell you that my confidence is intact regarding the truth.

I am very confident that the truth will come out and it will be proven that I never had the intention of doping and I never did. I want and look forward to getting back on the field.

That's where I want to be and I'll definitely try to do my best. We will talk when I have the opportunity, when I can say more. We will meet again shortly. No one knows when the verdict will come“said Simona Halep.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the hearings exceeded, cumulatively, 19 hours, according to GSP. Witnesses and experts were heard, both on the spot and via video conference.

The preliminary findings will be communicated today or tomorrow

Simona Halep arrived this morning, around 10:00, at the Sports Court at TAS, for the last hearings.

Upon entering the TAS headquarters, the Romanian player was asked if she would give statements at the end of the day and she answered: “After I finish, yes“.

His mission to prove his innocence before the judges is quite difficult, especially since the prosecution, ITIA, is playing hardball. The Tennis Integrity Agency, the one that dictated the 4-year suspension of our player, yesterday brought to hearings the representatives of the Canadian company that produced the nutritional supplement incriminated by Simona Halep's team.

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou, physiotherapist Candice Gohier and Frederic Lefebvre, director of the Academy's physical training department, took responsibility for the recommendation to take nutritional supplements.

The preliminary conclusions of the Lausanne Tribunal will be communicated today or tomorrow, but a decision regarding the Simona Halep case will be announced in a few weeks or even months.