Stress, flatulence and soft stools, in the amount of 500,000 euros. Estimated damages for treason suffered by a former prefect

Shocking case in Bacău, where former ALDE prefect Maricica Coșa is demanding 500 thousand euros in court from Constantin Scripăț, current vice-president of the Bacău County Council, after a “political betrayal”, which resulted in a criminal case.

Maricica Coșa would have had soft stools and flatulence. With the leader AUR FOTO Maricica Coșa

The betrayal of which Constantin Scripăț is accused occurred on October 29, 2020, during the meeting of the County Council, when it voted for the current majority of CJ Bacău, in contradiction to the will of the party.

Immediately, Maricica Coșa, president of ALDE Bacău, presented Scripăț's undated resignation from the party, which he denied.

Moreover, the case later came to the attention of the Anticorruption prosecutors, who, however, classified the file under the aspect of the crime of blackmail and sent it, for the accusation of forgery, to the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Bacău Court for further investigations.

“Although he was a member of the ALDE party, the defendant writes on his Facebook page that he thanks the county councilors from the Social Democratic Party who voted for him to acquire this position. In the post on his personal Facebook page, the defendant insults me and Mr. Constantin Avram (ALDE member), calling us the “Ceauști couple””, claims Maricica Coșa, quoted by Ziarul de Bacău.

Maricica Coșa states that she also had gastrointestinal problems: “Flatulence and soft stools”

In the summons request, Maricica Coșa tells about the uncomfortable situation for her, when she had to give statements to the investigators.

The “resignation” and the conflict with Constantin Scripăț would have caused him panic attacks and insomnia, which is why he did a psychological evaluation of Daniela Tănase, who according to some posts on Facebook, is a fan of Maricica Coșa.

The conclusions of the psychological assessment are dramatic: intrapsychic tension, insomnia, tachycardia and sweating.

“Also, the expert called by the former prefect refers to “gastrointestinal symptoms present such as flatulence and intestinal disturbance, through loose stools”., Ziarul de Bacău also specifies.

The first term of this process in which Maricica Coșa is asking for 500,000 euros will take place on April 12, at the Bacău Court.

Meanwhile, Maricica Coșa changed her political sympathies, and now supports George Simion. The former prefect of Bacău is very active at the AUR rallies in the country and was also present at the rally in Bacău, alongside Vasile Botomei or Petrică Munteanu.