The radical reaction of a Briton in a restaurant in Cluj. “It's really getting out of hand, but people are complicit”

A British resident in Cluj complained about the prices in restaurants, but also about the fact that people have no reaction and are willing to spend any amount on food. Enraged, he had a radical reaction in a restaurant in Cluj.

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The Brit wrote several messages criticizing the business style practiced by restaurants in Cluj, the high prices, but also the fact that people accept any price increase. Aaron Roberts criticized the so-called discounts practiced by a well-known food delivery application, writes Știri de Cluj.

“Once again, companies are fooling people by making fake offers on Bolt Food and randomly applying different discounts on identical products. ANPC – National Authority for Consumer Protection, how is such a thing possible? It is completely misleading”Roberts wrote.

He got up from the table when he saw the prices

Then, the British man ended up in a restaurant, part of a chain of restaurants in Cluj, but which also expanded to other cities in Romania.

“I do not know what happens. But I went into Marty Eatery the other day and was almost disappointed by the prices. I got up and left, not because I can't afford it, but because it is totally unacceptable to pay such prices and I refuse to accept them. It really gets out of control, but people are just complicit and let it happen. From a business perspective, why charge huge prices and create confusion with discounts to give false impressions of what is «normal», if people pay anyway. I also noticed that they increase the price of the product and then put the discount. But in the end it's the same price as before the discount”.he also wrote.

Aaron Roberts.  PHOTO: News from Cluj

Aaron Roberts. PHOTO: News from Cluj

“Things are like this in most places. Everywhere, for about two years prices have doubled or even tripled, and people seem to accept the situation with an incomprehensible resignation! I do not know what happens”Aaron Roberts concluded.