Simona Halep recalled the moment of collaboration with Darren Cahill

Simona Halep recalled a moment when Darren Cahill, coach with whom she collaborated for 6 years, threatened her to break the deal, writes GSP.

Simona Halep PHOTO: Getty Images

Simona Halep stated that in 2017 there was a match of a tournament in Miami where she did not behave as she should have. The moment disappointed Darren Cahill, who had decided not to continue training the Romanian until she turned to a psychologist recommended by him.

Even if at first she didn't want to comply, Simona finally listened to Darren, and the Australian returned to the athlete.

Simona Halep, discussed a moment when Darren Cahill threatened her to break the collaboration.

“There was a time in 2017 when I was working with Darren Cahill, an amazing coach and man.

Simona wanted to talk about that moment, because it was extremely important for her. She talked about a time when she behaved very badly at a tournament. Simona said that then she could not accept that she needed a person to help her learn how to control negative emotions.

The athlete spoke in Miami, where she talked about her bad behavior and Darren Cahill who wanted to stop the collaboration if she does not get specialized help from a psychologist recommended by him.

She talked about the record transformation she did, we managed to change, and Darren came back. It was a shock to be without Darren, a coach in whom I had all the confidence, but that moment helped me take a very important step in my career”said Simona Halep, in an episode of “Topcourt”.