Six-time Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy has revealed he has been diagnosed with a serious illness

Six-time Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy has announced he has cancer, but is “upbeat, positive and surrounded by love,” reports CNN.

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Hoy, 47, revealed on Instagram that she is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed last year, which she says “it was a huge shock, not having any symptoms until that moment.”

“My heart goes out to the many others who are going through similar challenges right now,” he wrote. “I am optimistic, positive and surrounded by love for which I am truly grateful. As you can imagine, the last few months have been incredibly difficult. However, I am currently feeling well – continuing to work, cycle and live my life as normal. An exciting year of work is ahead, not least with the Paris Olympics in July. I can't wait to get involved, have fun and share with you all.”

Hoy is one of the most successful British Olympians of all time, dominating the track cycling arena.

He made his debut at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, winning his first Olympic silver medal in the team sprint event.

Hoy's first gold medal came four years later in Athens, when he finished first in the men's 1,000-meter breaststroke.

In Beijing in 2008, Hoy won three gold medals in the three separate disciplines.

Until his retirement in 2013, he was the most decorated Olympic athlete in the history of the British team, with six gold medals. This record has since been surpassed by Jason Kenny with seven.