Sofia Vicoveanca revealed what helps her look so good at 82 years old: “I eat the fruits, I don’t squeeze them on my face, like other women do” VIDEO

Beloved pop singer Sofia Vicoveanca revealed the secret to longevity, what foods she eats in the summer and what helps her stay in shape at 82.

Sofia Vicoveanca, artist loved by Romanians PHOTO: Archive

Sofia Vicoveanca can boast of flawless skin, although she claims that she does not make major efforts, does not use expensive creams and does not even go to the beautician. During the summer they protect themselves from the sun and drink a lot of water.

“I don’t really get along with the cold, because I have to sing, I still eat, yes, some ice cream, I also crave it, but I melt it first, because I’m afraid of damaging my voice. I avoid the sun, I wear a hat with wider brims, I don’t go out to classes when it’s very hot, I also wear sunglasses, light clothes. I also have other tricks, but I don’t give advice, because maybe it works for me, but not in others. Anyway, we need good hydration, let’s drink water, but still, I don’t drink it very cold, so I don’t hoarse“, says the soloist, for Click!

“I eat the fruit, I don’t squeeze it on my face!”

The artist says she has very dry skin, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of it.

“But, I don’t use anything expensive. I realized that it’s better to eat the fruit than to put the slices on your skin, I don’t see the point, like other women do. If you make a salad and eat them, it’s better, you also get vitamins, so the whole body benefits. At least, that’s how I do it. And I don’t even have cosmetic surgery, God forbid, I don’t need it! Everything starts from within. Let’s move forward, at my years I say bogdaprost and I thank God that he still keeps me well!“, Sofia Vicoveanca told us, exclusively for Click!

And this summer, Sofia Vicoveanca will travel the length and breadth of the country, by train, to get to the concerts where she is asked to perform popular music recitals.

“For now, I don’t have the seaside in my schedule, but I have to sing, at parties, weddings, at some meetings, I have enough shows, I’m on the train all day. In other years, I went on exotic vacations with my son, but this time we don’t get there, he works in television, he has a lot of work, and I have music contracts to honor, I have other things to do. I sing, I hold my voice, I don’t do playback, I never did, like others, maybe much younger!“, says the artist.