Sonos has launched a ceiling-mounted speaker from the Architectural range

Sonos has expanded its range of Sonos Architectural passive speakers with the launch of an 8-inch ceiling-mount speaker made in partnership with Sonance.


The new speaker features a larger and customized woofer for smooth mids, deep bass up to 32Hz and an expanded soundstage. Also, a 30mm tweeter and an optimized way of dispersing sound waves ensure a natural reproduction of voices, as well as a better propagation of sounds at high frequencies.

The new 8-inch speaker has the same magnetic grille aesthetic as the 6-inch, ensuring the two models can be used simultaneously without changing the design of the room. The grid for both 8″ and 6″ sizes is available in white for a discreet match with the most widespread range of ceilings and, thanks to a grid made of specially developed steel, it can be painted to meet the customization needs of each user.

Sonos Amp

Paired with the Sonos Amp, the Sonos Architectural range of speakers delivers clear and detailed multi-room sound. When paired with Sonos Amp, the in-ceiling or wall-mount speakers offer a number of benefits, including overload protection and custom tuning enhancements that deliver richer sound and a balanced frequency response. Paired with the Sonos Amp, the 8-inch speakers also benefit from Trueplay, which takes into account the size, construction and design of the room they're placed in and automatically adjusts the EQ.

Like all speakers in the Sonos Architectural range, the 8-inch in-ceiling speaker in combination with the Sonos Amp will benefit from the benefits of the Sonos ecosystem, including an easy-to-use app compatible with all your favorite streaming services, Apple AirPlay control 2, regular software updates and the ability to add additional Sonos speakers and components over time.

The 8-inch ceiling-mounted speaker, made by Sonos and Sonance, will be available starting in spring 2024, at an approximate price of 5,490 lei.