The reaction of Nicolae Ciucă, after the manifesto demanding Romania's accession to Schengen was adopted unanimously

The President of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, announced on Wednesday evening, March 6, through a post published on Facebook, that Romania achieved the long-awaited victory, it being the fact that the manifesto that calls for the country's accession to the free movement of was adopted unanimously.

Nicolae Ciucă listed the key points from the EPP manifesto. Photo Inquam Photos/ Octav Ganea (Archive)

A victory for #Romania, at the EPP Congress: the electoral manifesto of the European People's Party, which calls for Romania's accession to the #Schengen Area as soon as possible, was adopted unanimously. Austria did not vote again.

From Bucharest, today, it was heard clearly and bluntly throughout Europe: Romania must enter the Schengen Area with full rights.

EPP, the strongest European family, adopts in Bucharest the manifesto “Our Europe, a good and safe home for our peoples“, the post of the head of the PNL states.

“EPP supports Romania's full entry into Schengen”

Nicolae Ciucă also listed the key points from the EPP manifesto:

  • The EPP supports the full Schengen entry of Romania and Bulgaria, lifting not only air and naval controls, but also those at land borders, as soon as possible.
  • European security and the economic security of all states on the continent. The EPP will propose the creation of the legislative framework for the entry into office of two key new roles: a European Commissioner for Security and Defense and another for SMEs. We want a safe and tax-friendly Europe that supports business.
  • A competitive Union that supports entrepreneurs, young people and farmers. We want environmental policies to go hand in hand with economic and social policies. The 55% carbon reduction target remains, but it is up to experts and the market to decide the best technologies to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • The EPP strategy for the enlargement of the European Union includes not only Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, but also the Western Balkans. This plan is a firm commitment to the consolidation and expansion of European values ​​in our region”.

The Congress of the European People's Party takes place in Bucharest on March 6 and 7, bringing together leaders from the European popular political family.

The event will be attended by thousands of people, including 14 heads of state and government, as well as leaders of European institutions such as Ursula von der Leyen (head of the European Commission), Roberta Metsola (head of the European Parliament), as well as European commissioners from the family their politics. Even Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria, attends the event.

We remind you that on Thursday morning, March 7, at the Cotroceni Palace, President Klaus Iohannis will have a meeting with the Chancellor of Austria, Karl Nehammer, who will be in Bucharest for the PPE Congress. Nehammer will also have a meeting with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu at the Victoria Palace.