Stănescu (PSD), about Schengen: “The extremists will be happy, in themselves, about more freedom to move in the EU”

The Secretary General of PSD, Paul Stănescu, declared on Monday that Romania's entry into Schengen, by air and sea, is a step towards dignity, also launching an attack on extremist formations.

Paul Stănescu: There are many reasons that separate us from PNL Photo: Archive

Romania in Schengen: a step towards dignity and more freedom. Romania's entry into Schengen, with air and sea borders, is a major success of the current governing Coalition. We must also congratulate all the professionals who have been preparing our country for this moment for some time. I am convinced that if there had not been this political collaboration between the PSD and the PNL, which also ensured political strength and internal stability, but also European credibility, we would not be here today”. Paul Stănescu sent, on Monday, in a post on PSD's Facebook page.

The general secretary of PSD also launched a veiled attack on AUR.

Through this success, even partial, we regained the dignity of Romania. The extremists have no reason to be happy anymore, but they will be happy, even in themselves, that they will have more freedom to move in the EU, which they hypocritically hate”Stănescu specified.

On the other hand, the representative of the social democrats stated that the PSD is not in any marriage with the PNL, but is in a “responsible political partnership”, explaining the reasons that keep the two formations together in this coalition.

There are many reasons that separate us from PNL. We come from different political camps, but we are united by the fundamental values ​​of democracy, social justice and the need for faster development and coherence in government action. We are not in any marriage, as I keep hearing people say, because that involves living in the same house as your partner. And as far as I know, PSD is still in Kiseleff, and PNL is still in Modrogan. We are in a responsible political partnership, which also takes state interests into account. What keeps us connected is the very diversity of ideas and the desire to have balanced solutions and benefits for all social categories. In the short and medium term, we must continue to collaborate and negotiate constructively for Romania“, concluded Paul Stănescu.

The President of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR), George Simion, stated, on Sunday, at the launch of the AUR Mures candidates, that Romania did not enter Schengen, “because we were not received“, in a statement in which he criticized Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.

“They took our oil, they took our forests, they took our natural gas and in return they give us the humiliation of Schengen. We did not enter Schengen, we were not received in Schengen. Some who still have imperial court reflexes chose to humiliate us. If we still had a national, independent and sovereign government, all Austrian companies would be kicked out of our country. But no, they choose to be slaves, humble, to sit on their knees and accept everything that is given to us“, said Simion, according to

The first vice-president of the PNL, MEP Rareş Bogdan, last week compared the PNL-PSD coalition to “a marriage of convenience”.