Stroe: “I mandated the PNL representatives to establish the electoral calendar.” What are the chances of a merger?

Ionuț Stroe, spokesperson of the PNL, stated that the discussions will be continued in the Coalition to establish the electoral calendar for 2024, even if the liberals and social democrats have not reached a consensus on the subject of merger.

Ionuț Stroe, president of PNL Sector 4 PHOTO Inquam Photos

Sunday's National Council should have validated a proposal from the PNL leadership regarding this year's election calendar. Since there is, for now, no decision within the coalition, the organization of this National Council was rescheduled or postponed to a later date. That will be the moment when we will convene the National Council, when we will have a conclusion within the coalition either for the organization of several elections simultaneously, or according to a calendar that practically respects the current deadlines”declared Ionuţ Stroe, on Tuesday evening, at the end of the meeting of the National Political Bureau of the PNL.

The deputy stated, answering some questions, that the negotiations with the PSD were no longer discussed in the PNL leadership forum, stating that the mandate terms of the PNL team that participates in the discussions within the coalition have not changed.

The mandate of the negotiation team is the same, basically, we mandated the PNL representatives to establish the electoral calendar. Period, no more. (…) We don't have to offer anything, just as nobody can force the National Liberal Party to accept or support candidates outside the PNL. The mandate with which he started from here was the one that strictly refers to an election calendar and the possibility of organizing these elections together or not. (…) It strictly refers to the election calendarStroe added.

“Slightly Late”

Stroe also pointed out that it would already be somewhat late for a decision regarding the merger. “From our point of view, it's kind of late. I don't think we can afford to get to the twelfth hour with this decision, regardless of whether they are merged or not, the elections must be fixed. The president of the PNL expressed himself that Friday should be the deadline to establish this, very likely that the weekend will be the period in which it will be concluded. The negotiating team did not give us details about how the talks within the coalition developed, instead they assured us that they are continuingStroe concluded.