Student dormitory in Grozăvești infested with bed bugs. Students break their silence: “They tried to cover up the case”

There is an invasion of bedbugs in the rooms of a student dormitory in Grozăvești! Several students staying there broke their silence and told the nightmare they have been going through for more than half a year.

Because of the bed bugs, many students moved into rent. Photo source: archive

Dormitory B in the Grozăvești student complex in the capital is infested with bedbugs, several students staying there told The first problems with bedbugs, they say, appeared as early as June of last year

“I think I was the first person to experience this problem. We were at the end of June 2023, the Grozăvesti C dormitory was going to close for renovations, so we had to secure a place in the dormitory for the summer period. After standing in a hellish line for hours, I managed to get a seat – room 524, where I was to find out there were bed bugs. I moved quietly and happy that I got a seat. Within a week at the most I started seeing bites on my body. Being summer, I thought it was mosquitoes, but my colleague at work told me “be careful not to have bed bugs”. Since then, my ordeal began,” said a female student.

“The situation of the dormitories is deplorable”

The young woman sent the administrator pictures of the dorm mattresses, but he initially told her that “they are dirty.” “I managed to take a picture of a bedbug, I sent him the picture and the “panic” started. He made me wash my clothes at 60 degrees or more, clean them with steam, obviously at a laundromat in the city, which cost me somewhere around 300-350 lei, disinfected all the things I had, like then give me a clean room. Because I was traumatized by the whole situation, I chose to stay in the rental to be able to sleep peacefully, to know that I am safe, to be able to go home without the fear of bringing bedbugs to my parents”says the student.

She claims that only a month after she left the dormitory, the first disinfestation was done in her former room.

“Again, a sign of carelessness. If he realized how serious the situation was, he would act much faster. The whole situation is treated with indifference, both on the part of the administrator and on the part of the director of dormitories and canteens and the rector. They say that we are lucky to be students at the University of Bucharest, but the situation of the dormitories is deplorable. Mess in the hallway and in the kitchens, in the bathrooms as well, everything is treated with colossal indifference.”

The students were asked to keep quiet so as not to create panic

It is not clear how many students were affected by the bed bug infestation, as they have reportedly been asked to remain silent on the matter. “We don't know an exact number because the administrator has asked the boarding students to keep quiet about this subject 'so as not to create panic in the dormitory'”.

Another student staying in Dormitory B in Grozăvești claims that “the problem has existed in the dormitory for many months, but it was covered up by the administrator. There were cases almost monthly, but they were treated superficially. Disinfestations were not done properly in the infested rooms and the mattresses were not changed as they should be.”

The student also claims that after announcing that she had bedbugs in her room, the dormitory administrator provided her with a new room, but it was also infested. “After carrying out the entire process of disinfecting objects and washing clothes, which cost me 500 lei, I moved to the new room. The next day, I woke up again full of ticks, only to find out from my colleagues on the landing that this “new” room was, in turn, infested.” said the young woman. .

“I've had some terrible days because of this situation and I've had to move twice in three days, all because of carelessness. Currently I have to pay rent, start my life from scratch in the middle of the session”, this explains more.

She says that at this point almost daily there are students complaining about the bed bug problem.