Suspended in Romania, Istvan Kovacs will lead a blockbuster in the Champions League

Istvan Kovacs disastrously refereed the last game he played in the Super League, making six big mistakes, five of which went in favor of the University of Craiova in the game against Sepsi (3-1). For two rounds he has not received a single match in the Super League, but even if the Central Commission of Referees does not communicate the suspensions of the officials, he is retained from the delegations for those errors.

Istvan Kovacs has a match on Tuesday in the Champions League. Sportpictures photo

But if he is suspended in Romania, UEFA still appreciates him and delegates him to one of the hottest matches in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Istvan Kovacs will lead the match between Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid, which will take place on Tuesday at 22:00. Eel will be helped by the assistants Vasile Marinescu and Ovidiu Artene, by the fourth official Horatiu Feşnic, while Marco Fritz (Germany) and Cătălin Popa will be in the VAR room.

It's the fifth match of the Champions League

Istvan Kovacs will mark the fifth meeting in the current edition of the Champions League, after he was at the center in the Newcastle – PSG 4-1, Arsenal – Sevilla 2-0, AC Milan – Dortmund 1-3 and FC Porto – Şahtior 5 -3.

Asked about the mistakes made this season, culminating in the 3-1 Universitatea Craiova – Sepsi match, Istvan Kovacs said: “I'm sorry, I can't give you details about any matches I've refereed or will referee. Everyone must understand that mistakes have been, are, and will continue to be made.”

According to some unofficial information, Kovacs will be the only center referee from Romania to officiate matches at the final tournament of the European Football Championship in Germany.