Family doctor, about the seasonal flu: “I don't remember seeing a more severe epidemic than now in the last ten years!”

A family doctor is sounding the alarm about the very high number of flu cases recorded this season, especially in children. The epidemic is considered the worst in the last ten years.

Flu wreaks havoc among children PHOTO Pexels

Mădălina Vesa, a family doctor in Alba Iulia, recommends that parents who have someone to leave their children at home with take them out of the collectives in order to overcome medical problems or avoid them, but also for the little ones to restore their immunity.

Also, the doctor draws attention to another important aspect, that of prevention, especially regarding patients who present themselves in medical offices. Wearing a mask is the minimum measure that can be taken, both to prevent illness and not to transmit the virus to healthy people.

“Immunity is not made with syrups, but with healthy food, sleep and vaccine”

“I don't remember seeing a more severe flu epidemic than this season in the last ten years. Both children and adults, all with an altered state. But most of all I feel sorry for the children. They are extremely exhausted, tired. They've had a cold since autumn, they're not feeling well, they stay 2-3 days in collectives and start all over again. And the flu brought them down. If you have someone to leave them with, I recommend that you take them out of collectives for a month (I mean the ones from kindergarten/home), so they can recover. To be able to sleep as much as possible, to eat properly, meaning cooked food (without sweets and nibbles), to play outside as much as possible. Immunity is not made with syrups, but with healthy food, sleep and flu vaccination in October”, says the family doctor from Alba Iulia.

Answer for the Prime Minister on the issue of medical leave

According to the doctor, when they go to the office with fever, muscle pain, cough, patients must wear a mask.

“A minimal gesture to protect us. We are vaccinated (medical staff), but at 50 consultations/day, most of them acute, we may not last. If you are healthy and come after various medical documents, wear a mask, because you can get viruses from the corridors, which are full of sick people. It is the minimum prevention that can be done”says the doctor from Alba Iulia.

Mădălina Vesa also comments on the statement of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, who claimed that there are a lot of medical leaves: “Well, if the Romanian state doesn't do any prevention, it gives itself free rein to illnesses – that everyone has rights, then shut up and pay all the medical leaves for child care or employees, because these illnesses are as real as possible, with very altered state. Also, employers should pay all these holidays (which the state does not pay), because each employee has both rights and obligations”.