Taylor Swift is changing Gen Z women's boyfriend preferences. How the ideal man should be

Taylor Swift ended up setting the tone in terms of… lovers! The singer seems to have managed to change the preferences of women in terms of men, especially those of Generation Z. More and more videos have appeared on Tiktok in which young women argue about what they want, newer, from a potential partner.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce PHOTO Archive

Like Taylor Swift, women are changing their preferences in men. Those of Generation Z are beginning to avoid thin, baby-faced men, opting instead for those with the face and likeness of the American football player, Travis Kelce, the artist's current boyfriend, notes the Daily Mail.

America's Golden Couple

As the biggest superstar in the world right now, many girls aspire to what Taylor Swift has – including the same type of partner.

Therefore, Gen Z women express their desire for a strong and robust “protective” type, instead of a lean and fashionable man. TikTok, the video-sharing platform of choice for teenagers, is flooded with videos of girls explaining that they are joining the trend of choosing “strong” men like Kelce.

“America's Golden Couple”Taylor Swift, and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, both 34, have been together since September, and their romance has been in the public eye.

One TikToker said in a video that has garnered more than 6,000 likes: “We are now in an era where Gen Z, who previously preferred skinny men, are turning to those who can provide them protection. Taylor Swift was a big factor in that change because of her relationship with Travis Kelce.”

The desire to have a “strong” man

Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet, previously prized for their “baby” looks and svelte physiques, have now become exactly the type of men Gen Z shuns.

Another video explains this change like this: “Throughout history, men have been warriors, defenders, cavemen. They hunted and fought, but now their chances to do so are limited. This is based on our primal instinct – that men need to fight other men and are more attractive to women if they are victorious.”

Taylor Swift has been credited with starting this trend, as her previous partners, such as actor Tom Hiddleston and 1975 frontman Matty Healy, were generally shorter and more artistically inclined.

Her ex-boyfriend of six years, actor Joe Alwyn, 33, is three inches shorter than Kelce and has a slimmer build.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn had a very low-key relationship that ended last April.

The singer is now enjoying a highly publicized romance with Kelce. After Kelce's team won the Super Bowl earlier this year, Taylor Swift ran onto the field and kissed him in front of a crowd of excited fans.

Kelce's endorsements increased by 20% after Taylor Swift started attending games.