The 4 commentators from PRO TV for Euro 2024. Mihai Dedu, from news in the broadcast booth, after 20 years

Romania returns after 8 years to the Euro, a tournament scheduled to be played between June 14 and July 14. There will be 51 games at the European Football Championship in Germany, mostly broadcast by PRO TV. There will be 6 matches also at the PRO Arena, in the last stage, when the meetings in the same groups take place at the same time.

Mihai Dedu, from the news desk, at Euro 2024. PRO TV capture

Romania will debut at Euro 2024, on Monday, June 17, against the winner from route B of the play-off, which will be chosen next month between Ukraine, Israel, Bosnia and Iceland. The matches of the “tricolors” and the rest of the games will be commented by Ion Alexandru, Andrei Grecu, Cristian Pintea and Mihai Dedu. The last one, Mihai Dedu, is the station's news presenter, who returns to the television microphone for sports events after 20 years, writes

In addition to the national team qualified after 8 years at a final tournament, Romania will also have representatives at the level of referees. Istvan Kovacs will be the only Romanian “central” who will be active in Germany, together with his team of assistants.