Nicușor Dan: Right-wing voters will see the candidate with the best chances. Election rigging, an attack on democracy

The general mayor of the Capital, Nicusor Dan, is of the opinion that a merger of the elections would be “an attack on democracy in Romania”. About his chances for obtaining a new mandate, the mayor told Digi24 that voters will see the candidate with the best chances in the fight against PSD.

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“It's a matter that belongs to the voters. What I can say, from my perspective, is that in 2020 I had a right-wing public vote, after 12 pathetic years of PSD in Bucharest, and that I tried to stick to what I told people in the electoral campaign, that is we brought the City Hall out of bankruptcy, we brought European funds and I think that in 2024 we will be again in the right versus PSD paradigm and I think that the right-wing voters will see the candidate with the best chances”said Nicuşor Dan, on Friday evening, at Digi 24.

Asked if he has a chance to win a second term, the incumbent mayor emphasized that the vote “it is with the people”.

I think so, because the elections in a certain round polarize and it is a PSD and a right-wing candidate, who has the most chances among the right-wing candidates”.

At the same time, the mayor claimed that he does not consider the PNL door permanently closed, as long as there is no candidate designated by the party's leadership forums. “PNL sympathizers will judge with their own minds, with their own information who can not bring the PSD to Bucharest”added the mayor.

The need to elect mayors in two rounds

It's about the fact that we already have a deficit of information, I don't want to discuss here the situation of the media in Romania… We have a deficit of informing the public in the various elections that we are going to have and the merging of two series of elections that have completely and completely different subjects, it only increases the public's lack of information on the subjects that are being discussed“, Nicușor Dan also affirmed with regard to the collusion of the elections, being of the opinion that a collusion of the elections “it would be an attack on democracy in Romania” because voters would not be able to properly inform themselves about each election.

According to the mayor, the measure also disadvantages incumbent mayors, whose activity evaluated by the voters would be shortened, emphasizing at the same time the necessity of electing mayors in two rounds.