The advance of the presidential elections goes to automatic fire through the Parliament

The PSD-PNL coalition wants the Chamber of Deputies to pass the bill by which the presidential elections could be organized from September, not November, next week. Currently, none of the party leaders or high-profile people are officially announced as running.

PSD AND PNL want to have their own candidate, Geoana is still at the groping stage PHOTO Colaj Adevărul

On Tuesday, the management of the Chamber of Deputies decided to send the draft law to the committees for approval and report. The report is expected on the table of the deputies in the plenary session on Monday. Depending on the decision on the final voting session, the initiative will pass on Monday evening or at noon on Tuesday, but the promulgation could be delayed by the attack on the CCR by the Opposition. USR and AUR have already criticized the approach.

In the press conference in which Ciolacu and Ciucă announced the consensus on combining the local elections with the European parliamentary ones, the prime minister stated that the advance of the presidential elections takes into account the fact that at the end of the year the new budget is drawn up, the closing of the budget year, important discussions with the European Commission , but also so that the new head of state has time to catch up on all the important files, during the transition period (October-December).

The presidencies, with few victories or even only with active defeats

The candidates are still waiting. In the polls conducted in recent months, candidates such as Marcel Ciolacu, Nicolae Ciucă, Mircea Geoană, Emil Boc, George Simion, Diana Șoșoacă, Cătălin Drula, Victor Ponta, Gabriela Firea were measured in the polls. Among them, very few managed to pass the uninominal candidacy test, not that of the list where they were leading. By far, Emil Boc, mayor of Cluj-Napoca, has five electoral successes in his record – 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020. Firea also has a victory in his CV, in 2016, when he won Bucharest City Hall, but lost it in 2020.

Other leaders managed to come out first, being at the top of the list. There are the cases of Marcel Ciolacu (who won the elections to the Chamber of Deputies in Buzău, in 2020, with a high score) and Cătălin Drula (USR leader in Timiș, also with the list from the Chamber of Deputies). In 2009, Mircea Geoană was one step away from victory in the presidential elections, but he does not have a victory to match. That year, Geoană entered the second round with only 3.02 million votes, surpassing only Viorica Dăncilă from the PSD.

Failure at the European Parliament for Simion

The leader of AUR, George Simion, obtained only 117,141 votes in the 2019 European Parliament elections, i.e. 1.29%. In order to be a deputy, he would have had to get more than 3%. In the 2020 parliamentary elections, Simion opened the AUR list in Bucharest, but his party only ranked 5th, after USR, PSD, PNL and PMP. And his former colleague, Diana Șoșoacă, now in the SOS Party, opened the AUR list in Iasi, ranking 4th, after PSD, PNL and USR.