Vodafone and Salvamont launch #SigurPeMunte, the first mountain education campaign

Vodafone and Salvamont launch the #SigurPeMunte campaign, a mountain education initiative that comes with useful recommendations from professionals in the field for a safe approach to the mountain. Produced with the support of Mountain Adventure, the video series touches on essential topics in mountain education such as: safe winter sports, skiing and touring or off-piste skiing, necessary equipment and mountain orientation for winter hiking. Moreover, the series also shows how rescue operations are carried out while hiking or on the slopes.

Developed by the Oxygen agency and the producer Dragoș Asaftei, the educational video materials are based on the reality of the Salvamont statistics: a third of the interventions could have been avoided, if the tourists paid more attention to the choice of equipment, the route or by observing the basic rules in practicing the activities mountains. In addition, most of the Salvamont interventions are triggered by tourists not properly equipped or not accompanied by a guide on difficult mountain routes, both in the winter and summer seasons.

The protagonists of #SigurPeMunte are mountain experts who share their experience and knowledge regarding mountain safety in winter: Sabin Cornoiu – president of Salvamont, Daniel Ignătescu – AGMR mountain guide and founder of Mountain Adventure, Bianca Albulet – AGMR & Mountain mountain guide Adventure. They are joined by Ciprian Zamfirescu, Head of Innovation and Business Development Vodafone Romania, who shows you how Vodafone technology makes a difference in cases of mounted rescue.

“With over 15,000 calls received through the Salvamont National Dispatch, a third reporting mountain accidents, Salvamont is a vital organization. Between 450-600 mountain rescuers provided daily mountain rescue assistance in the approximately 140 permanent or seasonal mountain rescue bases and posts throughout the country. The high number of interventions may also suggest that people are not always adequately prepared or informed when engaging in mountain activities. For this reason, a project like #SigurPeMunte was necessary and welcome, even for those who consider themselves experienced”says Sabin Cornoiu, president of Salvamont Romania.

In 2023, Salvamont teams were involved in 8,026 mountain rescue operations and 6,548 interventions.

“The mountain can be a safer place if each of us respects it and sets off well equipped, informed and prepared for the activity we are about to do,” adds Daniel Ignătescu, AGMR mountain guide and founder of Mountain Adventure.

“I was happy to be involved in the full production of the #SigurPeMunte campaign, all the more because I believe in the importance of promoting messages about responsibility and respect on the mountain, regardless of the sport practiced,” says Dragoș Asaftei, the producer of the series.

The #SigurPeMunte initiative, supported by Vodafone, is built on the expertise of Salvamont and partners such as Mountain Adventure, one of the most important operators of mountain experiences in Romania.

You can see the video materials on Vodafone Romania's social media channels or directly here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEEWzLd7JVOXWfPOpiZTKqemmsacFJHQC

Starting with 2019, Vodafone is Salvamont's technology partner, getting involved in projects that use technology in mountain rescue activity. Vodafone was involved in the establishment of the Salvamont National Dispatch and the creation of the “Salvamont” application, through which tourists can find out detailed information about the condition of 130 slopes throughout the country, receive mountain warnings, view mountain maps, find the locations of cabins and send notifications to the Salvamont dispatch – in real time, with the SOS function.

From 2023, 80% of Salvamont Romania teams use drones and Vodafone technology in mountain rescue missions. They help to significantly reduce the time it takes to search for victims and save more lives. In addition, Salvamont Romania benefits from Vodafone and the first underwater digital sonar detector – AquaEye VODASAFE, the Water Rescue Buoy robot (FReD: Fast Rescue Device), its own underwater drone and a scuba jet to reach hard-to-reach places underwater.