The advice of a Romanian from Germany for his compatriots: “Don't come here! I think God totally disconnected them from the sun”

A Romanian settled in Germany warns his compatriots through a post on Tik Tok not to come to this country because “out of 365/366 days, how long is a year, 300 days, I'm not exaggerating, it rains or you don't see the sun”.

The Romanian settled in Germany is exasperated by the lack of sun PHOTO Tik Tok video capture

A Romanian settled in Germany declares his deep disappointment with the weather conditions in this country. Through a Tik Tok post titled “Germany unplugged from the sun, creepy!”the man settled in Germany for 10 years warns his countrymen to think twice before coming to work there.

“Hey brothers, I believe that God has completely disconnected them from the sun. That's not possible. I don't want to be one of the hundreds of people who complain about this weather in Germany, but there is no such thing. Out of 365/366 days in a year, 300 days, I'm not exaggerating, rain or shine. It's creepy. I have been in this country for 10 years. I've been to many areas in Germany, it's the same everywhere,” says the Romanian.

The man tells those who think he's going to earn considerable sums that money won't matter after a few years in Germany.

“I am addressing those who have the sun and heat in their DNA, not necessarily great heat, but enough to let the sun beat you and “enjoy vitamin D”: Don't dream that you come here to earn 2,000 euros a month, that after two or three years, even 70,000 euros per month will not suit you anymore. If you're not a fish with gills, I don't recommend it.” comments the Romanian with humor.

“For 10 years I waited for the sun to rise”

The man is now thinking of returning to Romania and says with self-irony that he doesn't know why he stayed so long in a country where the sun waits for years.

“Don't ask me, 'But why are you staying here?', I've been a fool for 10 years. I think I'll wake up eventually too. I'm not weather sensitive, but you can't live like that. For 10 years I waited for the sun to come out, unfortunately I only missed it”, concludes our compatriot.

“In England out of 365 days, it rains 400 days!”

As expected, there were no shortage of comments on the Romanian's post. Other compatriots agree with him and tell, in turn, their own experiences where they live now.

“In England out of 365 days, it rains 400 days!”, someone writes

“And what about us in England? We only have three weeks of summer,” completes another Romanian established there.

“I left Germany for this reason, I was depressed because I couldn't see the sun“, he describes his experience as a compatriot.

“Yes.. and it causes a lot of depression,”
says someone else.

“After six years I got tired of the weather too. All this year I want to go home for good”, it's someone else's conclusion.

“Come, my good people, home!”, another Romanian writes.

“It's been raining in the Netherlands since December, it's depressing!”, says someone else.

“It snowed in Norway for 4 months almost non-stop”, complete another national.

“And if you sit in the sun in Romania and eat only at discounts, it's still not good”, is anyone's opinion?

“That's right, I noticed that too. I'm thinking of leaving Germany,” another Romanian was decided.

“We stayed in Germany for 12 years and moved home in August. God help, everything is good and beautiful at home, even if we don't earn as much as we did in Germany!”, concludes a compatriot.