The beach designated as the most beautiful in the world, despite the dangers lurking at every step VIDEO

The Palm Cove beach in northeastern Australia can be frequented by crocodiles and tried by tropical cyclones, but despite these dangers, the specialized magazine Condé Nast Travell designated it as the most beautiful beach in the world, according to AFP, quoted by Agerpres .

In the fight for this title, the gorgeous Australian beach managed to outrank rival beaches such as Honopu in Kauai (an island in Hawaii), Ora in Indonesia and Dune du Pilat in France, thanks to its two kilometers of white sand and a background composed of rows of Palm trees.

Palm Cove Beach is located in a region with crocodiles, and at the end of last year, Tropical Cyclone Jasper affected its restaurants and luxury hotels.

“It just validates what the locals already knew about Palm Cove”

However, the local mayor, Terry James, is convinced that she deserves her new title due to her natural beauties, especially “to his beautiful melodies” – an Australian plant, also known as “the tea tree“.

“Recognition of the Palm Cove area as the number one beach in the world by a renowned magazine and website it only validates what the locals already knew about Palm CoveTerry James added.

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What the rest of the podium looks like

The second place in this ranking is occupied by Honopu beach on the island of Kauai (Hawaii), and the third place went to Brekon beach on the island of Yell in the Shetland Archipelago (Scotland).

A number of other Australian beaches also appear on the list compiled by the US magazine, including Wategos Beach near Byron Bay, Mona Vale Beach on the northern outskirts of Sydney and Noosa Beach in Queensland.