The candidate of the Coalition for the Capital, announced in a maximum of two weeks. PSD and PNL conduct a new series of surveys SOURCES

PSD and PNL are still looking for the best option for the candidacy for the Capital City Hall, going to announce who is the person chosen for the electoral race in two weeks at the latest, after more polls are done, say sources from the Coalition.

Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă PHOTO Inquam Photos

Consensus in the Coalition for a common candidate can still be expected, as no candidate name has been found that is both approved by the party leaders, but also has a chance of defeating Nicușor Dan. Therefore, three surveys would be made. One will be done at the PSD's command, one at the PNL's command, and the third joint, the same names being tested, claim sources from the top of the Coalition.

“At this point we still don't have a completed analysis. Each of us seeks to find the best solution, so that we can be sure that we enter the campaign with a candidate who will win the elections“, declared the president of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, before the meeting of the Coalition. “I think we will have a common candidate“, stated Marcel Ciolacu, being asked if there will be separate or common candidates.

From the way the party representatives report, of all the people circulated, Gabriela Firea seems to be the one left out of the equation, although she was initially rated as the favorite to be a candidate from the PSD, possibly also the Coalition.

Rareș Bogdan sees Burduja as a good mayor

In an intervention on Digi24, the first vice-president of the PNL, Rareș Bogdan, stated on Monday that the head of the PNL Bucharest is the option that the liberals currently support, as a political option

“PNL will look for an optimal solution to propose for Bucharest. For now, this solution is for the presidents of all the branches in the country to take up candidacy for the mayor's office or the CJ. Sebastian Burduja is the president of the Bucharest organization. So he is the PNL candidate for Bucharest City Hall. Of course we will look for solutions with the PSD, in the coming weeks we will have sociological research, we will see the right profile to present a project for Bucharest, because this is not just about beating Nicușor Dan, what about a project to get Bucharest out from the critical situation in which Nicușor Dan brought him“, stated Rareș Bogdan.