After how long can you get behind the wheel if you've had a glass of brandy at 40 degrees. Unique experiment with the breathalyzer

Former police officer Viorel Teacă claims that everything depends on each person's weight, each person's body, age. Netizens were able to find out how long they can get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Viorel Teacă takes the PHOTO video capture test

Viorel Teacă, a former policeman from Sibiu, with more than three decades of experience in the system, who has almost a million followers on TikTok, carried out a unique experiment. He wanted to demonstrate how long alcoholism disappears after consuming 50 milliliters of brandy, 40 degrees, in order to get behind the wheel.

Viorel Teacă sat down at the table, ordered the drink and food. To measure the blood alcohol level, he used a breathalyzer also used by the traffic police.

After drinking the brandy, the ex-policeman started eating soup. In a short time he checked his blood alcohol level.

It all depends on everyone's weight, everyone's body, age and so on. I am 1.82 meters and 95 kilograms”, said Viorel Teacă.

Viorel Teacă takes the PHOTO video capture test

Viorel Teacă takes the PHOTO video capture test

The first breath in the alcohol test showed the value of 0.32. He then continued to eat, talk on the phone to pass the time.

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After 40 minutes, Viorel Teacă blows into the breathalyzer once more.

The result was incredible: the value was zero.

“40 minutes after drinking brandy, 50 milliliters, we can get behind the wheel“, concluded Viorel Teacă, a former policeman with extensive experience in the Romanian Police.

One of the most popular police officers on the Internet gave up his career in uniform and chose a nice civilian life in the summer of 2023.

I decided after 27 years, to resign from the Romanian Police, give up my pension and make my family happy all my life. I want to be happy people and live in the present“, wrote Viorel Teacă on Facebook.