The coach of the Oţelul Galati team, Dorinel Munteanu, has serious health problems

The coach of the Oţelul Galati football team, Dorinel Munteanu, is facing “serious health problems” and requires specialized medical care, the general manager of the club, Cristian Munteanu, announced on Tuesday on the official website.

Dorinel Munteanu

“Dear supporters, partners and members of the Oţelul Galati family, I regret that we have to inform you about the difficult situation that our team's technical manager, Dorinel Munteanu, is going through. At the moment, Dorinel is facing serious health problems, which require attention and specialized medical care, which prevents him from being with the staff and team at this moment. I want to convey my full support and solidarity to Dorinel and his family during this difficult time. Dorinel was and is an integral part of the success and history our club, dedicating himself with passion and professionalism to his mission”, the message signed by Munteanu states.

The official of the Galaţi team appealed to unity to ensure the stability and continuity of the club.

“It is more important than ever to join forces and demonstrate the unity that defines the spirit of Oţelul Galati. I make a public appeal to all our supporters, partners and, especially, the dues-paying associated members to be with the club to go through these moments together. We are at a crucial point in the season, both sportingly and administratively, with the funding and licensing process in full swing. Your unity and support is essential to ensure we can continue to fight for our goals. It is essential that all decision-makers maintain unity and coherence in decision-making, to ensure the stability and continuity of the club. Every decision taken during this period must be guided by the common interest and the long-term vision of SC Oţelul Galati. Thank you for your understanding and for your unconditional support. We will do our best to keep you updated on the evolution of the situation. Together we are stronger and together we will overcome all challenges,” Cristian Munteanu wrote.

During the game with Dinamo, lost with the score of 1-3, on Sunday evening, away, the coach of Oţel, Dorinel Munteanu, was eliminated in the min. 75, for the insults brought to the assistant referee Andrei Constantinescu.