The commemoration of the June elections falls short, discussions follow on the autumn-winter one

The dice have been cast regarding the first rounds of elections, which are due. Instead, a new idea regarding the merger is that of parliamentary and presidential elections, but there should be consensus on whether the first or second round of those for the election of the head of state, the sources claim

PNL and PSD failed to clap PHOTO Inquam Photos

The variant of combining the MEPs with the local ones, which was pressing from the point of view of the calendar for the normative acts and the running of the procedures, fell, being slim chances that PSD and PNL will change their minds on Friday.

The Liberals already gave the obvious signal to all the leaders in the territory last night, in the meeting of the National Political Bureau, taking the decision to postpone the National Council of the party, which on Saturday should have internally validated the electoral calendar, including the European-local merger, and be given the battle signal. Over a thousand mayors and local leaders had initially been summoned.

But the PNL meeting was rather one of outrage over the way they were led astray by the PSD, a party they thought was ready to accept the merger in June without additional conditions. “Last night it was a gloomy atmosphere, because the management especially was upset that the June merger thing didn't work out. Only by a miracle could the PSD-ists change their mind, but no one believes that anymore“, said a leader from the Political Bureau of the PNL.

On the other hand, some liberals also see the slightly fuller side of the glass. More precisely, they have more time at their disposal to find candidates for the county seat municipalities and the heads of the County Council, important positions, but for which there is not much demand in PSD-controlled counties.

PSD wants and could be in first place in all elections

According to “Adevărul” information, another discussion will begin immediately: the merging of parliamentary and presidential positions. But here, for the moment, the visions are different. The PNL would lean towards the version of the first round of the presidential elections with the parliamentary ones, the PSD would want the second round, for the liberals it is mainly about obtaining a number of votes that will put them in the final, while the PSD wants to win after 20 years the armchair from the Cotroceni Palace.

For this reason, the social democrats line up behind Ciolacu and do not think about other candidates (from the party or outside), believing that “the planets align for a year with PSD victories on a conveyor belt”, as he scored a vice-president of the formation for “Adevărul”.

And the data shows that, in part, the social democrats are right. For the time being, they are not in danger of coming out as two in the European parliamentary elections, in the local elections they have never been surpassed in the number of mayors, and including in the parliamentary elections, in terms of the number of mandates they also came in second place, but in terms of votes they were still the first, since 1990 to date. What they still lack is to give a president, because since Ion Iliescu, all their candidates – Adrian Năstase, Mircea Geoană, Victor Ponta and Viorica Dăncilă – have lost.