The dilemmas of the Romanian tourist: “Is tipping at accommodation practiced in order to benefit from a better room?”

Summer vacation is one of the most anticipated periods of the year and sometimes its programming starts, if not a year before, certainly at the beginning of the current year. What do Romanian tourists want to know before going on vacation?

Usually, there are a lot of factors to consider when planning your summer vacation: from how much money we are willing to spend and choosing the destination, to the right hotel and then preparing the luggage for the actual vacation. Apart from these, however, other variables also intervene, depending on previous experiences, pleasant or unpleasant.

This is probably also the reason of a Romanian who posted, on a website dedicated to tourists who choose Turkey as their destination, a question that also attracted the interest of other users: “Do you tip at accommodation to benefit from a better room?”.

“I didn’t give less than 50 euros”

Meanwhile, some comments appeared. While some say that they got a better room in exchange for 15 euros, slipped into their passport at the hotel reception, others say that they have never solved such a problem without less than 50 euros.

But here are some of the answers from those who have faced such situations.

“We put 15 euros in our passport and got a better room (an apartment instead of a simple room + with the windows facing the street where you couldn’t hear the pool parties) I don’t know if we would have received it without that attention or not, we just put the money without telling them/asking for anything. So it’s worth a try.”

“We didn’t give less than 50 euros.”

“I admit that I put 50 euros in my passport and got the best room. After we checked in, I walked by the front desk and the guy at the front desk came to ask me if I liked the room.”

You can pay the difference for a bigger room

There are also users who say that it is not a question of a tip, but of paying a difference for a larger room or apartment and that, often, the direct prices from the hotel are much lower than those requested by the travel agencies. tourism through which the reservations are made.

“I went to the travel agency and purchased a vacation for 2 adults + 2 children (11-14 years old), with a Large Room 32 sqm and when we arrived at the reception, he proposed to us if we wanted to pay the difference of 180 euros for the Family Room room 2 rooms 43 sqm and I accepted. I came out €600 cheaper.”

“We paid 180 euros more at Eftalia Aqua and changed the room from the Large Room to the Family Room.”

“It’s not necessarily about tipping, that if they have a free room they exchange it for the difference in money. I changed the room with a view of the city to one with a sea view at the reception.”

“I didn’t give anything”

There is also a third category of Romanian tourists, those who say that everything depends on the friendliness of the accommodation staff and whether or not rooms are available.

“We didn’t give anything and he changed our room, we just waited for it to be cleaned!”

“You can get a room with a sea view on the 1st floor, or on the top floor, with a thousand times better view. Both with the same voucher, but the difference is made by the kindness of the people at the reception. From my own experience…”

“I have been a guide for 14 years in Antalya, believe me you were lucky. I have had tourists who put 50-100 euros each and did not receive anything more than what was on the voucher!”, a user dashes tourists’ hopes.